Which Vending System? How to make the right choice, first time.

Which Vending System? How to make the right choice, first time.

It really is quite easy to make the right vending choice, first time, for your business: ask a vending expert, approved by the Automatic Vending Association. But it will save time, and be a reassuring exercise for you, if you run through this checklist before calling in your vending provider of choice.

1. Do your homework: ask your staff what they would like

This way you won’t have unwanted stock on your hands. There’s plenty to choose from as the list gets longer every year – an exhaustive range, from hot beverages such as coffees, teas, herbal teas and hot chocolate to cold drinks such as squash, milkshakes, still and sparkling water, and a whole host of canned soft drinks. Not to mention a vast selection of snacks!

2. What products? Be generous

The general trend these days is for Permissible Indulgence which roughly translates as ‘you can have your cake and eat it’, just strike a healthy balance between high fat, high calorie favourites and their less sinful cousins, such as fresh fruit, salads, nutrition bars etc. Give your people as much choice as possible.

3. Supplies: it’s best to guesstimate

How many drinks/snacks are likely to be served each day? This will help your vending provider match a solution to your requirements. There is a vast array of systems and products available so it pays to pinpoint your niche.

4. Quantity counts: know your market

If you run a busy hotel you are going to need a high-volume drinks system. If you are servicing a small group, a more modest system will do the job – a tabletop bean-to-cup machine, for example, that takes up little room and can sit discreetly in the corner.

5. Payment: make it easy for system and buyer

Round up the price of your drinks and snacks to the nearest whole pound and you will make buying easier for the user whilst reducing the need for your system to deliver change.

6. Cash or card payment? Methods are changing

If you need cash operated vending machine, make sure it accepts a good currency range, from the smallest coin up to a £10 note. This makes it easier for people to use their pocket change. Perhaps a vending machine that accepts card payments using mobile swipe technology, which is the new payment system on the block, would be an advantage. Ask your supplier if such systems are available.

7. Security: safer display and delivery

Make sure your supplier offers systems that use a spiral coil or conveyor system to deliver the goods. The coil pushes the goods off the rack and the conveyor system brings the delivery bin up to the chosen item. These systems counteract theft. For maximum security, install systems with heavily glazed displays, substantial metal frames with locking mechanisms at different points, and a delivery bin that seals off the selection area before being opened by the user.

8. Finance: for affordable vending

A reputable vending supplier will offer a range of agreements that can be tailored to your specification and budget. Plans can include free supply of machines if minimum volumes are reached.

9. Housekeeping: best handled by experts

Keeping a vending system working to optimum standards is best left to your vending provider – they have the in-house experience and expertise necessary, from restocking and sanitising to a fast repair service.

First impressions count

A welcoming, quality cup of a client’s/customer’s preferred beverage, quickly delivered, says a lot about your business ethic.

Onsite refreshments save time

By providing a good vending selection, employees will not be tempted to stray outside for their fix – this adds up to more man hours saved than you would care to realise.

Onsite vending machines are essential fixtures

They are here to stay for the foreseeable future and crop up everywhere, from small workplaces to vast public areas, providing a necessary refreshing fix for staff, clients, customers, guests, visitors and people on the move in public places.

Still not sure which system is best for your business?

If your organisation has a particular vending requirement, it’s best to shop around and compare offers. Why not contact Bettavend for advice and a no-strings quotation? Vending experts for over 30 years, we are more than qualified to give you the best advice going – all for free!

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