Cold Drinks & Snacks

Providing staff with access to snacks, confectionery and cold drinks really does help to prevent that afternoon slump. This feel-good factor will maintain productivity levels keeping your staff motivated and energised.

Having a snack and cold drink machine is the equivalent of having a tuck shop on site, without the associated overheads and additional work load for your team.

Snack Only

Snack machines have the capacity to offer a wide range of chilled snacks and confectionery. Whether it's a bar of your favourite chocolate for a sugar fix, or a packet of crisps to stave of hunger pangs, a snack machine could be exactly what your staff and visitors desire.

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Cold Drink Only

There are times that only a cold drink can satisfy your thirst. A cold-drink machine has the capacity to offer a range of drinks to suit the tastes of your staff and visitors. Whether you require cans or bottles, or a combination of both, these machines can be configured to accommodate all the popular sizes with ease.

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Combination machines have the advantage of being able to stock snacks, confectionery and cold drinks in the same machine, making them ideal for small-to-medium-sized companies, or where space is limited. These machines have two temperature zones, one for the snacks and confectionery, and the other for the drinks, which are kept a little cooler for maximum refreshment.

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