​War on Waste: Bettavend & BRITA Recycle Together

​War on Waste: Bettavend & BRITA Recycle Together

Hot on the eco-heels of our plastic cUpcyling coalition with Simply Cups, we have teamed up with UK-leading water filter company BRITA to recycle 100% of the used water cartridges from our hot drink and water vending systems.

We believe that working together with dedicated recycling facilities will reduce plastic waste. By making a significant contribution to stopping waste production, we save energy and natural resources, helping to reduce pollution and the need for landfill.

Backing BRITA

Bettavend supports BRITA’s ecological ethos:

“Being gentle to the environment, carefully using natural resources and reducing waste are at the core of our company and products. Back in 1992, we became the first company in our industry to establish a recycling programme for used cartridges. Today, a refined process ensures all parts of BRITA cartridges are properly reused or recycled.

“Above and beyond recycling cartridges, at BRITA, we take extra steps to help ensure our planet will be enjoyed by generations to come. Our corporate responsibility programme “Balance the Impact” is just one way we actively try to minimise or reduce our carbon emissions. And lessen our environmental impact.”

Barrel-loads of Bettavend’s plastic water cartridges destined for BRITA’s recycling scheme…

Keeping green company

It’s also good to know that we rub green shoulders with big name retailers such as Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s, who also use BRITA’s recycling scheme, in the nation’s growing war on waste.

With the prime minster pledging a ban on plastic straws and cotton buds as “one of the greatest environmental challenges facing the world”, it seems that the UK is getting the message that the plastic problem needs sorting – and the reported decline in plastic bags on the seabed suggests measures to tackle waste are working.

Ben West, Bettavend Operations Manager comments:

“Bettavend’s proactive sustainability programme reflects the Recycle – Reuse – Reduce approach to a healthier environment.

“We are delighted to join BRITA’s water cartridge recycling scheme as this endorses our ongoing commitment to environmental issues such as Fairtrade, Rain Forest Alliance, UTZ, and The Point Foundation, a voluntary, non-profit organisation run from the UK and committed to specific projects in African and Rwanda."

Keen to cut plastic waste? Join us and add your company to the growing number of organisations that recycle BRITA water cartridges.

Contact us for further information: 023 8025 5222.

Visit BRITA for the full sustainability story.

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