​Join Bettavend in helping to change lives in Rwanda

​Join Bettavend in helping to change lives in Rwanda

If you read our blogs then you already know that Bettavend supports The Point Foundation and Caffe Praego in their commitment to ethical coffee and tea farming that helps Rwandan children to live life and learn.

Here’s how it works:

  • Only ethical, sustainable products are sourced, whatever the country of origin
  • By going direct to the farmers, the middle man is eliminated, and the farmers receive the lion’s share of support and profit
  • This humane approach embraces, wherever possible, tea coffee and chocolate from sustainable sources, including Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certified coffees
  • Here’s where it’s working:

    Kigeyo School: educating coffee-farmers’ children

    2,300 primary and secondary pupils go to this mountain-top school overlooking Lake Kivu. Scores of the coffee farmers’ children attend. It’s a large school but seriously lacks funding and resources, but improvements are happening…

  • A roof for the new assembly hall (walls were funded and built by parents over two years)
  • 100 benches, 50 chairs and 20 tables
  • Microphone sound system, projector and screen
  • New library room with 2,600 text books, reference maps and globes
  • Four bookcases
  • Team kits and equipment for football, basketball and volleyball

  • House of Children School: inclusive education

    Located in Gisenyi, nearly 700 pupils attend this inclusive primary school which is part of Ubumwe Community Centre. Children of all abilities, disabilities and special needs are welcomed, and real changes are taking place…

  • 76 children with special needs attend
  • All fees sponsored by Caffe Praego and The Point Foundation
  • Yearly sponsorships include school uniforms, sports kits, footwear, transport, lunches and milk
  • 3,600 text books purchased in 2017
  • Bookcase storage for classrooms
  • More books scheduled for 2018 curriculum demands
  • Annual salaries paid for three Sign Teachers and one Nursery Teacher
  • Sign language taught to every pupil, hearing or not
  • 23 street boys re-homed by Ubumwe Community Centre (youngest is five years old)
  • Donations were sent in December to feed and clothe them
  • The boys started school in January 2018, with sponsorship help. Most have never been to school
  • It costs £20/month to send a child to school
  • Ubumwe Community Centre: empowering disabled youth

    UCC is a pioneering rehabilitation centre providing desperately needed support and services to people of all disabilities and ages in Gisenyi and surrounding villages. Here’s what funding has delivered so far…

  • 16 knitting machines
  • 10 sewing machines
  • 4 braille machines
  • Engineering equipment for workshop repairs on disability aids
  • Empowering disabled youth to gain job skills and independence
  • Germaine’s Nursery School: early learning education

    A poorly resourced school in a small rented building in Gisenyi, with 110 pupils. Germaine was a teacher at The Point Foundation Nursery School set up at Noel Orphanage. But resources are steadily improving…

  • Swings and see-saw
  • 100 chairs, so children no longer sit on the floor for lessons
  • 10 tables/desks
  • The two toilets rebuilt and connected to mains water
  • This mobile facility supports parents with disabled children in poorer communities around Kigali. Funds are having a big impact…

  • Weekly physiotherapy sessions
  • Parents educated in daily exercises to strengthen their child
  • 25 children, most with cerebral palsy, are experiencing remarkable improvements
  • 10 are benefiting from lightweight remedial chairs
  • Each chair costs £20 and is individually made
  • Goal for 2018: to sustain physio funds, and provide more chairs
  • “Donations from sales of Caffe Praego are a major contribution to The Point Foundation's long-term projects in Rwanda. By investing in improving schools, teachers, inclusive education and social welfare issues YOUR support gives back to children and youth growing up in impoverished communities.”

    £45,000 raised in 2017? Let’s beat this figure in 2018!

    Why not join us in this life-changing, eco-initiative? Stock Caffe Praego products in your vending systems and you will not only keep your people refreshed and support sustainability, but also help Rwandan children create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

    Contact us on 023 8025 5222

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