How Vending Trends Support Your Business: you can have your fizz and drink it!

How Vending Trends Support Your Business: you can have your fizz and drink it!

Developing trends and technologies affect all industries making it vital to stay abreast of every change so that your business will be perceived favourably within its industry sector and by its target market.

As a vending user, you are aware how it benefits your business. It helps to keep your staff/clients/customers/visitors happy. Apart from common courtesy and ice-breaking, it keeps them refreshed, alert, performing to peak potential, and receptive to negotiation. Drink-making rituals are a binding experience the world over, so it pays to be aware of the subtle, psychological influences that colour your business’s operation.

The Age of Permissable Indulgence

It seems vending has entered a new era, balancing both ‘sinful’ snacks and their ‘loftier’ (i.e. healthier) counterparts. Today it’s all about Permissable Indulgence, which roughly translates as ‘a little of what you fancy does you good’ or ‘everything in moderation’. Rolling on from 2016, this trend continues to gather momentum. In-tune businesses are aware that there is an obesity epidemic, with a burgeoning raft of consumers willing to spend more for alternative (healthier) snacks and drinks. Income dominates this trend and appeals to mid- to high-income consumers. By offering a cross-section of goodies, you will attract snackers of every eating category, maximizing your ROI in the process – ‘till music’ for astute business owners that cater to lucrative trends..

Pay Attention to Coffee Water

If a typical black coffee comprises 2% bean and 98% water, then it is hardly surprising that water quality is a paramount influence on delivered product and drinker appreciation. Filtered water is already used by most coffee companies but the industry is looking at several different water sources. Coffee drinking continues to rise, so it is beneficial for vending users to consider all aspects of an excellent coffee.

Make It Snappy

That’s another thing about the technological age, fast can never be fast enough, which is why it pays for business owners to provide quick-as-you-think vending, but at no cost to quality. This is one trend that isn’t slowing down, so always ask your vending provider about cutting-edge, super-efficient machines – from touch-screen ordering to digital display promotion while-you-wait, which is never long

Herbal Teas: little bags, big on health and wellbeing

The perfect brew for the caffeine-conscious – and many are. There’s a flotilla of 25-34 year olds who favour leaf over bean and the nutritional benefits such as antioxidants – arch enemy of ‘free radicals’, the healthy-cell killers. It pays to offer a range of herbal teas as this trend falls in line with vending’s Permissable Indulgence swing.

Bettavend for Better Business

With 30 years vending expertise we welcome and provide the latest in trends and technologies. We recognise their value in helping us deliver the best service to our customers – to you – ultimately helping your business to grow.

Our advanced systems deliver a whole spectrum of healthier products, from salads, fresh fruit, nuts, nutrition bars and yoghourts to premium coffee, juice and water, with full dietary information and allergy advice – proving that convenience-eating can keep hectic lifestyles healthy.

Contact us for complete insight into vending trends and technologies and how they will benefit your business: 023 8025 5222 or send us an email.

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