​How investing in quality coffee delivers great ROI

​How investing in quality coffee delivers great ROI

Yes, it’s true, by making consistently great coffees, teas and other hot drinks readily available to your staff and clients you will reap big financial dividends. It all boils down to motivation – and every successful business-owner recognises the motivational stimulant of good caffeine…

Motivated staff perform better and motivated clients are more open to being won over – it’s basic human psychology, and it all stacks up.

So how does good vending coffee stimulate your ROI?

  • No more staff time lost chatting around the cosy kitchen kettle, several times a day. And we all know instant isn’t that good.
  • A refreshing response to your client request for coffee – a swift, positive signal that your business is on the money when it comes to customer service.
  • No longer is it simply a question of white or black. It’s now cappuccino, mocha, hot chocolate, caramel macchiato and hazelnut latté.

    Facts and figures: the maths, the evidence

    Annual return on investment, based on a business of 50 – 200 employees:

    Machine cost: c. £1380 per annum

    Ingredients cost (beans, milk, sugar): £4680 pa (based on 50 staff - 750 drinks per week)

    Compare this with how much it would cost from a popular local big brand coffee shop – about £58,500.

    Also, consider the downtime of kitchen kettle operation, i.e. about three people, three times a day @ 10 minutes a session. That’s 1.5 hours a day, 7.5 hours a week.

    A coffee machine takes just two minutes to do the same job. That’s a downtime reduction of 18 minutes/day and 1.5 hours/week.

    By investing £6060 a year, a business of this size will reap £58, 500 worth of coffee-fuelled motivation plus nearly 11.5 days extra work completed.

    That’s a mammoth ROI of 965%

    Further proof that quality vending = quantity ROI

    To leave no shadow of doubt that first class vending pays, here are further facts and figures from a recent survey of 750 consumers by coffee specialists, UCC Coffee UK & Ireland:

  • Over 2/3 of workers believe high quality coffee makes the workplace a better place to be.
  • Coffee quality is more important than convenience.
  • The average worker consumes 2.96 cups of coffee every day.
  • 54% of respondents would stop buying high street coffee if the quality at work improved.
  • Half of respondents leave work to buy coffee elsewhere – 58% of these citing better quality as their prime motivation.
  • Workers will spend £1.78 on a cup of coffee - rising to £2.18 for a quality brand
  • 23% bring coffee to work from home – a 1/3 of these because the quality is better.
  • 45% would buy coffee more often if a loyalty scheme were in place.
  • Top factors for the best coffee are: 1. Strong; 2. Tasty; 3. Fast; 4. Consistent.
  • Invest in Bettavend and boost your ROI

    If you invest in a Bettavend vending system – and we have the full range, from select-use desktop models to high-dispense units and bumper freestanding models – a steady stream of connoisseur-standard coffee of every hue is on tap to keep staff and clients motivated.

    We supply the whole range, from bold, black espresso and smoother americano and macchiato to frothy cappuccino and mellow mocha (for the chocoholics amongst us)

    – with or without syrup shots, saucer biscuits and everything needed to complete the experience.

    Something for everyone? Of course we have, and this includes teas, hot chocolate, juices and cold drinks. Every which way, Bettavend has the drinks-base sorted.

    Support the unending flow of drinks with snacks of every type and you have staff-and-client comfort totally covered.

    Contact us now to discuss your options. Our quality vending – your quantity ROI.

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