On-the-Go Consumption: Does Your Vending Match This Lifestyle Trend? 

On-the-Go Consumption: Does Your Vending Match This Lifestyle Trend? 

Trends may come and go but on-the-go-consumption is here to stay—and growing year on year.

That’s people at work or play, all relying on you to supply the systems and supplies to help generate what’s required of them— to keep them refreshed, energised, performing, enjoying, relaxing.

To reap full hospitality benefits your vending must be bang on point…

As lives get busier, on-the-go-eating and drinking has become a vital way to stoke our engines. Without the time or inclination to prepare food in advance, today’s uber-active grazers increasingly rate health highly on their hungry-ometer.

Whether servicing your workforce or visitors, your vending must offer a good range of alternatives—permissable indulgence as it’s called in the trade (‘treats’ to the man in the street).

Your vending must welcome everyone, including a growing army of fitness fans. They are far more likely to use your vending system if you offer healthy nibbles and drinks such as fruit juice, water, fresh fruits, nuts, salads, and low-fat, sugar-free and caffeine-free products. 

Firm favourites such as caffeinated coffee, candy, chocolates, crisps and fizzy-pop show no sign of going out of flavour, you’ll be glad to hear, so it pays to cater for treat-eaters too.

According to global market intelligence publisher Euromonitor International, “on-the-go consumption and health trends are increasingly influencing product sales”...

“Packaged foods and packaged drinks are the most popular single product categories in vending, followed by hot drinks. These categories benefit from the consumer trend for on-the-go consumption.”

“Vending is expected to see growing diversification in the forecast period, particularly within food and beverages vending. This channel is notably likely to see strong growth for premium and healthier options, including high-quality coffee and healthy snacks.”

Bettavend will help you to cater for healthy people eating on the hoof—it’s a growing crowd, so it pays to be vending-ready. 

Contact us for further information—especially with #NationalCoffeeDay looming on the 29th of September.  

Make sure you are stocked up for all those on-the-go coffee drinkers out there!

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