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At Bettavend our goal is to deliver the highest quality vending service across the region – keeping the South's businesses refreshed. If you are looking for an effortless and uncomplicated solution to keep your staff, customers and visitors energised then look no further… you've found your perfect partner. Come and have a coffee with us in our showroom and together we can talk vending.
  • Freestanding solutions
  • Self-Serve solutions
  • Fresh water solutions

Freestanding vending solutions from Bettavend

We supply and operate a complete range of fully automatic vending machines for hot beverages, cold drinks, confectionery and food. These solutions are ideal for busy environments where they will be in frequent use such as receptions, staff rest areas and canteens.

Pop into our showroom for a coffee and a snack and see our full range of floor-standing automatic vending machines!

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Self-Serve vending solutions from Bettavend

Countertop machines are the ideal solution when you need a compact machine for occasional use – typically installed in conference venues, meeting rooms, restaurants and cafés. Choose from true Espresso, Bean 2 Cup or our great tasting instant range. All of which deliver superb quality and taste at the touch of a button. No hassle, just great taste!

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Fresh water solutions from Bettavend

Water is the vital refreshment for any working environment. Easily accessible chilled drinking water will keep concentration levels up and keep staff vitalised during throughout the day. We provide the very best in 'direct feed' water machines to ensure constant pure water. No huge bottles to store – just fresh, revitalising water from your existing supply!

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